SQYX Application To Elizabeth II (EIIR) For Legal Funding For Indigenous Children Forced To Live In Moldy Homes

Exchanged Letters BC & SQYX regarding Esquimalt / Songhees Treaty For Legislature Grounds


SCBC CASE S67804 CSSP <scbccases67804cssp@gmail.com>27 January 2016 at 10:19

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SCBC CASE S67804 CSSP <scbccases67804cssp@gmail.com>


I have noted the media report regarding the current Songhees quest at Court in matters of Land Titles & Treaty Obligations : SONGHEES EXPERTS WITNESSES ACCEPTED AT COURT

IF I might offer some information
  1. Due to the 2013 & 2015 BCSC judgments in Case S67804 I am prohibited from proposing an information forward that may be considered as being legal information or advice
  2. I have appealed the 2013 Greyell. J. judgment through the international provisions of the HTG v Canada at the IACHR 2009
  3. I have further appealed the 2015 MacIntosh, J. decision regarding the LSBC civil contempt claim Complaint
  4. I have disavowed both the 2013 & 2015 EIIR courts due to absence of treaty
  5. And, I have contested both judgments as being conducted without my legal counsel being present (I do not have legal counsel - informa pauperis)
  6. All appeals are to international venues - including, the preliminary disclosure to the ICC
  7. I argue that (A) Elizabeth II in 2005 accepted my appeal for state-funded legal counsel of my choice (B) and, that Canada has thus far not provided the necessary funds for retaining legal counsel (due to absence of treaty and the oath of allegiance to Elizabeth II issues re B.A.R.)
  8. I am to be sentenced on Feb 3rd in Nanaimo before MacIntosh, J. for continued civil contempt : I refuse to comply on the basis of the absence of ant binding nation-to-nation treaty
  9. I am the son of HRH Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem of Quw'utsun Kwa'mutsun Nation State (not treatied) - and, my residence is on the Kwa'mutsun territory
THEREFORE, as you will see at the LINK provided here, that I am busy trying to obtain access to the Songhees / Esquimalth / BC-Canada $31 Million land swap
  1. I am refused access because it is deemed to be confidential - and, is NOT registered at BC Land Titles
  2. I have required access for my responses in the BCSC Case S67804 - and ,the TRANSCRIPTS reflect such re CSSP
SUMMARY :  I contact you with the following information arising from my preliminary research in response to the LSBC complaints : TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY
: Hereditary Chiefs (Absolute Monarchs) are paramount to the Elizabeth II (EIIR) Constitutional Monarch - especially, in absence of a valid nation-to-nation treaty
  1. Publication dating back to the 1670 HBC Charter reveal
  2. That the HBC was explicitly prohibited from purchasing land under the Terms of their Charter; and,
  3. The HBC Charter failed to receive either the Short or the Long Parliaments; and, therefore, died in 1697
  4. Therefore, it appears that all treaties entered into by Factor Douglas are null and void
  5. And, hence, by virtue of the international Guiding Terms for Nation States under absolute sovereignty - the Songhees and Esquimalt Nation States - via FREE PRIOR INFORMED CONSENT & the CTRC Final Report Dec 2015 - remain as the paramount governing body of their traditional lands
  6. British Columbia's incorporation / founding has no credible weight in law (Coronation Oath & international laws since 1929 : Geneva / Nuremberg / Rome
  7. the occupancy by Elizabeth II contravenes her UN Charter Chapter VII obligations - illicit hostile occupancy in absence of UNSC permission
Regards / huy'ch'qu' / miiqwich
Shqwi'qwal Ralph Charles Goodwin Yuxwuletun / SQYX / CANOE PEOPLES